Reusable make-up remover discs, 100% organic cotton

ID: 33990

Company manufacturing reusable make-up remover discs, 100% organic cotton, commercial search for Catalonia


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 We are a textile company with many years of experience in the sector.

We need to trade for our line of reusable makeup removers. We design and customize batches of reusable makeup removers for companies, businesses and trades.

POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: -Stores of natural and ecological products in general. -Cosmetics companies, especially natural cosmetics. -Aesthetics and beauty centers -Hotels, rural tourism houses, etc. -Any company or business related to the world of ecology, respect for the environment and natural products.

The discs are made entirely by hand in Olot.

We need an Autonomous Sales Agent, with his own vehicle, to commission on the sale.


Product Ranges and Products

Fashions, Sports, Accessories:  Textile products: Fabric (on bolts), Textile products: Raw materials, Textile products: Yarn, threads

Home and Living:  Home textiles, domestics, Hotel supplies, restaurant supplies, industrial kitchen supplies

Medical Products, Health Care:  Cosmetic, Cosmetics: ingredients, raw materials

Miscellaneous:  Other specialties

Customers and Target Groups

End-consumer, Other, Specialised retail trade, Wholesale

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