Commercial agent Hotel Sector, Catering, Wifi-Marketing

ID: 33183

Commercial agent Hotel Sector - Catering - Social Wifi or Wifi Marketing


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SocialwiBox is a company that has a secure and fast Wi-Fi access solution via social networks that automates the digitization of customers and allows marketing, informational and evaluation campaigns. Our solution allows us to meet customers who visit businesses, mainly hotels and restaurants, to communicate with them, get their opinion and get them to repeat. We are looking for commercial agents who have knowledge of the Hotels and Hostels sector to cover Barcelona, Girona and Tarragona.

Product Ranges and Products

Engineering:  House automation, building system engineering

Miscellaneous:  Advertising representatives, Corporate consulting, Electricity trading, energy consulting, Other specialties, Tourism, Trade fairs, exhibitions, events

Customers and Target Groups

Consumer market, Food and beverage industry, luxury foods industry, tobacco, Industrial kitchens, canteens, cafeterias, caterers, Other, Restaurants, hotels

Sales Region

Mataró, Barcelona, Tarragona, Girona