Lookinging for agents to sell fresh fruit and exotics fruit

ID: 32693

Genius Trading Company is looking for commercial agents as a partnership to sell fresh fruit and exotics fruit worldwide.


You would like to contact the manufacturer and apply for the agency offer? Then please verify now.

We deeply understand international trade and have been trained to satisfy the most demanding requirements. We are a strong, solvent and strategic partner with a proven track record in important sectors of Ecuador.

Our main goal is to build long-term relationships with companies that seek and require high-quality products and services.

We understand the requirements and needs of each of our clients. Our service is fast, diligent and completely personalized. We guarantee fresh products delivery in the expected time.

Our staff is ready to act with the best attitude. Experience had made us bolder, able to detect trustworthy and committed producers of fresh fruit in Ecuador’s agricultural sector, which decreases risks in the logistics chain and provides benefits to the final customer.

At the moment we have identified producers and associations with near to 1500 hectares with excellent land for growth.

Product Ranges and Products

Foodstuffs, Wines, Liquors:  Delicatessen and fine foods, Natural foods, organic foods, health food store products

Customers and Target Groups

Food and beverage industry, luxury foods industry, tobacco, Restaurants, hotels, Retail trade (with outlets or branches), Retail trade (without outlets or branches), Wholesale

Sales Region